Pulling reports on Telnyx (CDRs, MDRs, Invoices, etc.)


Does anyone know all of the different types of reports that you can pull on Telnyx? Can you list all of the possible reports and what they specifically indicate?


According to my knowledge on Telnyx portal

On the portal account, we have a section called “Reporting”. In this section you can see 4 different options “Detail Requests”, “Usage Reports”, “Monthly Reports” and “Recordings”.

For CDRs / MDRs : In the reporting sections we need to select “Detail Requests”.

The first filter in this page is “Report Type”. If you want to generate a report on voice calls you need to select “Calls” this is will give you CDRs.
Suppose if you want to generate MDRs, you need to select “Messaging”.

The minimum requirement to generate a CDR/MDR report is “Start time”. You can see few more filters. When I tried using filters it gave the exact call records (Like only selecting inbound calls or outbound calls in that particular time)

Once you enter the start time , “Request Detail Report” option is enabled. When you click on this option, it will generate a detail report of calls/sms for that particular duration.

Usage Reports :
This report will give us a detail overview of the inbound and outbound calls/sms. It will give the summary of number of calls, billed duration, Billed calls, ACD and ASR report. Total cost separating inbound and outbound.

Monthly Reports :
This report will give us a detail overview of Monthly Monthly Recurring Charges of overall account and by using filer we can also check the MRC by number.

Invoices :
Regarding invoices, we can find all the information on portal in the “Overview” Tab.
In the Overview tab we have a sub tab called : “Billing”. In this tab we can download all the invoices for the previous months.