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How to Receive a Message: Receiving Inbound Telnyx SMS/MMS

Coming in loud and clear: How to Receive a Message

To make your campaigns useful it is important for recipients of your messages to be able to message you back. You have multiple options to receive a message being sent to your Telnyx phone number. For more details about your specific pricing for messaging please refer to the Telnyx Mission Control portal. These options work whether you use a Long Code or Toll-Free phone number. Some carriers limit the size of an MMS, to be safe all MMS should remain less than 300kb to ensure best chance of success sending/receiving. We do in fact offer international Toll-Free numbers (ITFN) and Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) as well, more info here. Ordering ITFN or UIFN numbers must be done by contacting Telnyx only saves message content for up to 7 days, but other data such as to and from number or cost are saved indefinitely. MMS for domestic Toll-Free numbers is available for the USA and Canada. Option 2 and 3 are ideal if you have no developer experience or IT infrastructure. Option 2 and 3 are free from a Zapier perspective depending on how many Zapier integrations, known as Zaps, that you use. Zapier is a 3rd party company that has built integrations that are usable by Telnyx customers to make using Telnyx products easier to automate and consume.

Option 1: Receive SMS/MMS Messages Programmatically via Webhook Receiving SMS on Your Telnyx Number with a Video Demo Developer Docs to Receive SMS and MMS This option makes the most sense if you have some developer ability or team. By receiving your messages programmatically you can get the most out of your Telnyx services and is best for bulk messaging. This solution is ideal for a high volume of incoming messages and a large team but can be used by any size team or individual.

Option 2: Receive SMS/MMS Messages via Forwarding to Your Mobile Phone Using Zaps you can receive sms/mms inbound to your Telnyx phone number and then forward the messages to your mobile phone automatically. This makes checking your messages so easy. Depending on how many Zaps you use, this is covered under the free tier of Zapier subscription. This is good for when one member can handle all incoming messages or multiple Zaps and Telnyx messaging profiles can be used to separate incoming messages. Each Telnyx messaging profile can support forwarding to one mobile phone number. This is ideal for a small team of people who need to manage a medium volume of incoming messages but can be used by any size team or individual.

Option 3: Receive SMS/MMS Messages via Email This is the lowest cost option because the Zaps needed to automate this process fall under the free subscription to Zapier. You can have any incoming messages forwarded to your Gmail inbox. This is ideal for individuals with low volume of messages but could also be used by any size team. Once you have reached the free Zaps limit for the number of messaging profiles you’d like to forward, you will simply have to upgrade to continue adding more Zaps.

Option 3b: Send AND Receive SMS/MMS Messages via Email To go one step further, if you’d like to manage your conversational messaging using your Gmail inbox, then you can use this Zap to automate receiving and sending sms from your Gmail inbox. This Zap requires a paid Zapier subscription. You can start with a free trial to test it out, some features are free depending on how many you use and paid accounts start as low as 19.99/mo billed annually. Great for individuals and usable for any sized team or individual.

It is also easy to send bulk sms using Google sheets. By following this step-by-step tutorial you can use a free Gmail account to get Google Sheets and send out bulk sms while only paying the low Telnyx rates. This will also work with sending MMS but it will have to be modified to do so, if you need help with this process please post a question on our Community while we work on the documentation for this step. You can also build onto this spreadsheet for your specific business needs.

Sending using Google Sheets and receiving via your Gmail inbox is the lowest cost solution for sending/receiving messages that requires no developer experience.

Now you know some of your options to receive an incoming message.

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